Douglas gets annoyed when Hilda makes comments about Mrs Tanner. Elsie tells Len that Dave is divorcing Lillian to suit himself and not because he wants to marry her. She admits that he uses her. The Turpins are getting to be too much for Maggie when they try to control her life. Emily is impressed with Stan's work and the way he’s expressing his primitive nature through his art. She tells him that she’ll try to find a market for it. Maggie confides in Val about how she feels oppressed by the Turpins being around. Stan gets nervous about his work when he finds out that Emily has found a gallery owner who is interested in his work. Val overhears the Turpins talking about Maggie and tells them to leave her alone. They realise that Maggie doesn’t want them living with her. Gallery owner Bernard Fielding likes Stan's work and gives him a solo exhibition but wants 15% commission on sales and a token advance on the rent on the gallery space. Ken is annoyed for Val interfering. He’s depressed that it’s eight years this week since Ida died. Douglas gets confused about Hilda’s comments about 'Mrs Tanner'. He calls into The Pink Posy and gives Elsie an order to send flowers to Mrs Tanner.


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  • This episode uses a new arrangement of Eric Spear's signature tune, introduced in Episode 907. The last episode to use the new arrangement is Episode 910, after which the programme reverts to the previous version except for the closing credits of Episode 916. It is unknown whether the new arrangement was ever intended to continue beyond the five episodes in which it is used.
  • In a continuity error, Stan Ogden refers to "Teddy Deakin" instead of Tommy Deakin.
  • In a typical example of the recording of episodes continuing when errors occur, Patricia Phoenix soldiers on through a line when a prop vase on The Pink Posy set falls loudly on to the floor behind her.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,900,000 homes (7th place).
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