Bernard Fielding is impressed with Stan’s latest output and asks him to carry on producing the pieces for his exhibition as an “artisan artist” but wants Hilda kept in the background and suggests Stan would be better seen by the press with a dolly bird. Ken buys flowers from Elsie to lie on Ida's grave and she gives him a rose from herself to add to the bouquet. The regulars are puzzled by an item of Stan’s work when it’s displayed in the Rovers. Elsie promises Douglas that she’ll put in a word with Emily. The dustmen take away Stan's sculptures from the back yard of No. 13 thinking they're rubbish. Douglas tells Emily how much he admires her, despite the travails of her past, confusing her all the more. Elsie tells Emily about Douglas. She is flattered and Elsie asks her what’s she’s going to do. Ken is fed up with his life, depressed by thinking about his mother. Fielding is told of the loss of Stan’s “art”. He tells them he’ll have to find someone else to exhibit. Stan isn’t bothered. Hilda is told about the dolly bird plan and is touched, thinking that Stan gave up his art for her. Maggie stands up to Betty and Cyril and refuses to go out with them. Douglas takes Emily out for a meal and a club before he has to return to Portsmouth.


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  • This episode uses a new arrangement of Eric Spear's signature tune, introduced in Episode 907. The programme reverts to the previous version in Episode 911 except for the closing credits of Episode 916. It is unknown whether the new arrangement was ever intended to continue beyond the five episodes in which it is used.
  • TV Times synopsis: In which Stan and Douglas lose their illusions
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,750,000 homes (3rd place).

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Bernard Fielding (to Stan Ogden): "You'll be established as an artisan artist."
Hilda Ogden: "Like Andy Warlog?"

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