Leanne insists that Steve being named on the birth certificate doesn't change anything. Nick feels totally betrayed and goes to drown his sorrows. David and Maria decide to pretend to be a couple to play a joke on Gail. Jackson Hodge tells Faye, Gary and Izzy that they've returned from Canada for a couple of weeks for his dad to get a hip replacement. He doesn't mind Faye spending time with Miley. Nick fills Michelle in on the latest developments. Michelle can't believe Nick puts up with Leanne after all she's put him through. Daniel has a meeting with his lecturer and tells him he's turning down a place at Oxford for personal reasons. David and Maria trick Gail into inviting Maria and Liam over for dinner. Robert questions Michelle's motives for consoling Nick. She tells him she doesn't need saving and takes Nick to hers to get away from Robert's watchful eye. Faye is given antibiotics for her tattoo and returns home to face Anna. Anna is mollified when Faye opens the door to Miley, Jackson, Gary and Izzy. Daniel let on to Sinead what he's giving up for her. Faye nervously holds Miley. Nick and Michelle argue about who has the worst love life. After gazing into each other's eyes, they kiss though Nick immediately recoils and apologises. Michelle is incredulous that he still loves Leanne. Seb calls at No.13 to collect his phone which he left there earlier. Anna delights in telling him that Faye's ex and daughter are there before sending him packing.


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