Betty cries over Maggie’s behaviour. Cyril looks for Maggie who has run off. Maggie turns up at No.9 and looks to Len for support against Betty. Cyril makes himself Captain of the Rovers soccer team, much to Annie’s annoyance. He tries to recruit team members. Dickie agrees to join but refuses Audrey a place due to her “condition”. Len tells Maggie that she must confront Betty or things will simply get worse. Audrey tells Cyril she will play on the team but he’s not to tell Dickie. Jack is asked to help out nights for two weeks for a landlord friend, Harry Barlow of the Green Lantern pub on Eckersley Street, who has been hurt, falling off a stepladder. The team is announced - The Turpins, The Ogdens, Len, Dickie and A.N. Other (aka Audrey). Betty is elected Captain of the team by the other players. Not pleased by Audrey’s deception, Ken tells Dickie about her game and they hatch a plot. Len goes off on an all-night job and lets Maggie stay the night at No.9, away from Betty. The next morning Betty is worried that Maggie’s bed hasn’t been slept in. Ena catches Maggie having her breakfast at No.9. She storms out in disapproval.


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  • TV Times synopsis: In which scandal rears its hair-netted head
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,650,000 homes (5th place).
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