Episode 9204
Production code P694/9204
ITV transmission date 10th July 2017
(Monday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Alasdair Morrison
Sam Holdsworth
Amy Coombs
Tom Courtney
Dan Jackson
Script editor Alison Hunt
Script producer Verity MacLeod
Story producer Hannah Sowden
Writer Susan Oudot
Designer Chris Kay
Director Peter Rose
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kate Oates
Previous episode 7th July 2017
Next episode 10th July 2017


Dev is in high spirits as he opens the refurbished Corner Shop. A bored Erica is press-ganged into handing out leaflets. Kevin is conflicted about his kiss with Erica. Steve and Liz start packing. Johnny realises he can't put off telling Aidan about his MS any longer. Sean drops off a letter at the Kabin addressed to "Mr & Mrs N Cole". Rita identifies the handwriting on the envelope as Norris's. Erica moans to Liz that the spark has gone out of her relationship with Dev. Liz advises her to find out what she wants and go after it. Aidan finds out about Johnny and Jenny getting back together when he hears the factory staff gossiping about it. A resolute Sarah gets DS Clifton to try and convince Bethany to give a full statement, making it clear that she won't give up until Nathan is behind bars. Kevin's frustrations turn to anger at the garage. He confides in Rosie that he can't put up with Anna rejecting him much longer. Anna walks into the garage while they're talking in the office and overhears them. Steve enrolls Liz in a cookery class at the community centre to give her something to do once they leave the Rovers. Rita warns Johnny that he'll have her to answer to if he mucks Jenny about again. Aidan upbraids Jenny for letting him hear the news from somebody else. Jenny thinks he's talking about Johnny's MS and reveals Johnny's secret. Mary opens Norris's letter and discovers it's from the organisers of a Mr & Mrs competition in which Norris has entered, making out that Mary is his wife. Neil is desperate to shut Sarah up and orders Bethany to pretend to her mum that she made everything up for attention, threatening her if she doesn't do it. Erica books a room at the Belmore Hotel and offers Kevin an affair.


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