Episode 9316
Production code P694/9316
ITV transmission date 4th December 2017
(Monday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Sam Holdsworth
Amy Coombs
Tom Courtney
Dan Jackson
Script editor Claire Burgess
Script producer Verity MacLeod
Story editor Lindsay Williams
Story producer Alasdair Morrison
Writer Jan McVerry
Designer Chris Kay
Director Tim Dowd
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kate Oates
Previous episode 1st December 2017
Next episode 4th December 2017


Gary is in the doghouse as he hasn't called Sarah since he set off. Alya suspects Rana is in debt. Rana apologises to Zeedan for flying off the handle and agrees to support his cafe venture. Joe Haslam calls Sarah telling her that Gary's car was blown up in the Ukraine and there were no survivors. Rana gets cold feet about telling Zeedan about her and Kate, knowing the damage it'll cause. Kate warns her that Luke will if she doesn't. Sarah refuses to write Gary off as there were no witnesses to the blast. Roy plans a three-week walking holiday over Christmas as he wants to do something different. Luke attempts to trace Andy in order to forward his mail and contacts Matt Luscombe, the man Andy was living with in Bristol. Alya rushes to find samples in time for Aidan's meeting with Showcase. David rings the Foreign Office and learns that a St. Christopher was found in the wreckage. Sarah is stricken. Matt tells Luke he's been back in Weatherfield since June and Andy never came to Bristol. The community centre's Santa goes down with gastroenteritis. Yasmeen offers the role to Brian before settling on Roy when Brian plays hard-to-get. David, Tim and Sophie tell the Phelans that Gary is dead so that they can break the news to Faye. David becomes suspicious when Phelan pretends he liked Gary. Mary hides whenever children come into the flower shop. Luke realises Rana has no intention of coming clean to Zeedan and goes to deliver the bombshell himself. Rana stops Luke by telling him that she's pregnant. David follows Phelan when he goes to Nicola's to tell her about Gary.


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