Episode 932
Production code P228/932
ITV transmission date 1st December 1969 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Anthea Ingham
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Eric Prytherch
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 26th November 1969
Next episode 3rd December 1969


Hilda and Stan celebrate their wedding anniversary. Annie refuses to give way to Jack and reiterates that he can’t go to his regimental reunion as she’s at the Lady Victuallers function. Alan Howard tells the residents he is living at No. 9 and is an old friend of Len's. Sandra meets him and thinks he's gorgeous. Audrey finds it hard to ask Ray for rent. Val suspects Sandra of writing the letter. Annie shows off a necklace lent by Mrs Hepplewhite for her to wear at her Lady Victuallers do. She reminds Betty that she’s under notice although Jack tells her to ignore her. Betty warns the regulars that Annie intends to practice her speech on "The Role of the Lady Victualler in Modern Society" and they beat a hasty retreat, leaving Betty as the only audience. Maggie finds out from Val about the letter and persuades her to tear it up. Stan and Albert persuade Jack to sneak off to the reunion, leaving Hilda alone in the Rovers on their anniversary. Ken shows Val another love letter and tells her of a 17-year old pupil of his who has a crush on him. Annie brings her posh friends home but Jack and Albert also arrive roaring drunk.


Regular castEdit

Guest CastEdit



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