Albert feels the Barlows no longer want him around at No.14. Audrey refuses to go to her mother's for a rest because of her duty to Dickie and Ray, even though she's worn out. Elsie offers Sandra to look after them but Audrey is too jealous of her feelings for Ray. Ernie and Emily plan a Christmas Eve concert in the Rovers. Emily asks for volunteers but everyone turns her down. Ken learns that Alan has offered Val a job as head hairdresser at a Salon he's opening. Ken is against her taking a full-time job but she's tired of being dependent on him. Ray takes on the contract to convert "The Pink Posy" and shop next door into Alan Howard's Salon. Audrey refuses to let Sandra into the house and keeps breaking down. Ray makes her upset by spelling out her fears. Emily agrees to look after the men so that Audrey can go away. Ray is horrified at the thought of Emily helping him around rather than somebody younger and better looking. Hilda receives a telegram from Australia but doesn't want to open it in case it contains bad news. Ken opens it for her. Hilda reads that Irma is returning for Christmas.


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Ray Langton: "One minute there's our Audrey, all bright and beautiful, enter Ray Langton in wheelchair, and in next to no time Mrs Fleming's got bags under her eyes the cat could have kittens in and her husband is beginning to wonder if he married a pineapple."


Emily Nugent: "Those who preach good works at the lengths I sometimes do should be prepared to practice them."

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