Minnie shocks Ena out of her sleep when she makes her breakfast in bed in preparation for her 1970 New Year's resolution of doing good turns for people. Ena convinces her that such intentions can be doubled-edged and do more harm than good. Hilda and Irma are disgusted with Stan for still being off work, "convalescing" after the coach crash, and living off their money. Alan and Elsie confirm arrangements to go out on New Year's Eve. Ena senses that Irma is unhappy in Australia with David working long hours. Minnie gives the Walkers a motto mirror as a good turn. Sandra spreads the news about Alan and Elsie's date. Hilda feels there's something wrong between Irma and David as she's barely mentioned his name. Jack tries to find darts players as The Flying Horse has challenged the Rovers to a match to try and get their own back for the football match they lost in October. Irma asks Alan if he can help Stan get a job. Minnie tries to get Elsie to get her a job as "hostess" at the salon, serving tea and cakes, saying she'd do it for free as she would enjoy the company. Elsie tries to let her down gently. Annie tells Stan and Jack that in the New Year men will have to wear a tie after 7.00pm and she has also dispensed with Betty's services. Ena and Minnie look forward, with varying degrees, to the New Year. Irma is annoyed with Stan spending the night in the Rovers. She tells Hilda that a friend of Alan's has got Stan a job as a car park attendant. When Hilda voices doubts about the job, Irma says that if she doesn't make Stan take it she's finished with both of them.


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