Episode 963
Production code P228/963
ITV transmission date 18th March 1970 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Anthea Ingham
Writer Brian Finch
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 16th March 1970
Next episode 23rd March 1970


Hilda offers to work on Len to reduce his resistance but Annie turns down the kind offer as Elsie is on the case. At the Robin Hood club Charlie plays the score of Ena's new tune. It turns out to be Onward Christian Soldiers. Mickie Malone is not pleased and Stan runs for it. The bank refuses Ken a loan as they have no confidence in a school teacher knowing how to run a hair salon. Stan is forced to give Ena £10 for Dreaming Time. Elsie weakens Len but Bernard interrupts, asking for his dinner. Len sends him away. The menfolk work out what Elsie is up to and send Bernard back to No. 9. Len realises what Elsie is up to himself. Bernard sneaks in the back door and refuses to leave, so Elsie does. Ken asks Dave Smith for a loan. The men begin to weaken when they taste Albert’s awful potato pie. He’s insulted and tells them they’re on their own from now on. The women also start to weaken but worry how to tell Annie. Dave refuses to give Ken a loan so he takes it out of the money from a maturing insurance policy. The football bus is moved to Bessie Street. Len claims it was due to him and Annie also claims victory but Ena tells them that it’s because Coronation Street is too narrow according to a bus driver she spoke to. Bernard hears from Sandra that Ray will be back next week. Alan rings Len and tells him that he’s sold the salon. Ken sends his cheque off for the same.


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