Episode 96
Production code P228/96
ITV transmission date 13th November 1961 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Vince Powell
Editor John Finch
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Roger Jenkins
Producer Derek Granger
Previous episode 8th November 1961
Next episode 15th November 1961


The Walkers worry about a rumoured takeover bid for the brewery. Concepta helps out at the Rovers as Doreen is unwell. Lenny Phillips asks Dennis to put a performing monkey called Rupert up for the night. Elsie receives another letter and tosses it away without opening it. Dennis reads the letter, in which Arnold Tanner apologises for the previous one sent which was in fact sent by Norah Dawson. Elsie wants to retaliate but can't as she'd risk delaying the divorce. She begrudgingly ventures into the snug to apologise to Ena. Ena doesn't accept it. Ivan contemplates emigrating to Canada for a better standard of living. The Walkers read in the paper that Newton & Ridley have been taken over by Oates and Co. Annie plans to knock the public and select into one, losing the snug. Ivan convinces Linda that they'd have a good life in Canada but she considers moving there a pipe dream. Dennis brings Rupert home when Elsie goes out for the evening, planning to keep him in the coal shed where she won't notice him. He's caught unprepared when Elsie comes home earlier than planned. Pushing her way past Dennis, Elsie goes into her scullery to make a cup of tea and finds the monkey in the sink.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Ena Sharples (in response to Elsie Tanner's apology): "That letter you got - it didn't say nowt that wasn't true, did it?"

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