Val advises Irma to take the shop on to pay Dave Smith the money back. Annie plans Lucille's twenty-first birthday. Irma isn't sure if she wants to take the shop on but Maggie tells her that she's already sent the money to Gordon. Irma agrees join her at the shop. Sandra has a slanging match with Audrey. Bernard hits Ray in the Rovers and knocks him to the ground. Audrey resigns from the yard. Emily is annoyed when Annie calls Ernie an amateur pianist and refuses his services when Annie's "professional" lets her down. Irma starts work at the shop.


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Audrey Fleming: "It's like some sort of race isn't it? To see who gets married first. When I told the other kids in my class I was married, it was like I was some kind of film star for a few weeks."


Audrey Fleming: “They don't turn up the lights and play God Save the Queen after the ceremony. It's washing somebody's scratty underpants and staring at one another over the fireplace the night the telly breaks down. Realising your 'usband isn't Sean Connery after all when he backs down from a fight and seeing that look in 'is eyes when you've 'urt 'im. Cos 'e just doesn't realise that you're just as 'uman as 'e is.”

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