Betty starts to get nuisance phone calls. Stan gets nervous when Dave Smith makes complimentary comments about No 13. Dave gives Minnie caviar to give to Bobby. Irma meets Bet at the Laundryer where she works to chat about the night before. She gets upset when she thinks Emily disapproves of her going out so soon after David’s death. Audrey sends Minnie a letter saying she’s never coming back and the house is being sold. Maggie looks after the key for Minnie as she’s nervous of the responsibility. Dave makes arrangements to take Irma out again. Stan tries to find out if Dave could throw them out of the house without notice. Emily advises a worried Hilda to ask Dave if his intentions are honourable. Keith Lucas comes into the Rovers and scares Betty into paying for his drinks. Emily later spots Betty doing this. Irma tells Stan that Dave is just a bit of fun. Len takes Maggie out to the pictures. Jack buys a bell to ring last orders on after years without one. Irma tells Hilda that Dave’s taking her to a church dance. Hilda wonders if she’s turning to religion. Cyril rings Betty to say his course is finishing early and he’s coming home. Lucas isn’t pleased.


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