Episode 985
Production code P228/985
ITV transmission date 1st July 1970 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Malcolm Lynch
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Eric Prytherch
Producer June Howson
Previous episode 29th June 1970
Next episode 6th July 1970


Val continues to stress over Susan but she stops Ken ringing for Doctor Crawford again. Hilda has a hangover after her night out. Ken demands that Val phones the doctor. She does so and leaves a message on his answerphone. Cyril is upset about the fact that he enjoyed beating Keith Lucas up. Len upsets Betty when he pokes fun at Cyril. Val makes up a bed for Susan in the living room. She gets through to Doctor Crawford who refuses to see Susan until tomorrow and thinks she is panicking. Hilda decides she and Stan are going to be teetotal from now onwards. Dave puts the Hilda off thoughts of him marrying Irma by telling her she and Stan would have to pay £500 for the sort of wedding reception he'd like. Ken gets angry that the doctor won't come out and insists that Val try again but she refuses. Len apologises to Betty. Ena thinks Susan has got appendicitis and tells Val to ring the doctor once more. Crawford dismisses the symptoms and refuses once more to come out. Cyril hands in his resignation and it is accepted. When Susan vomits badly, Ken calls in another doctor. Dave and Irma go out again. Doctor Owen calls and recognises acute appendicitis. He rushes Susan into hospital. He drives her there himself for an emergency operation.


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