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Episode 988
Production code P228/988
ITV transmission date 13th July 1970 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Baz Taylor
Producer June Howson
Previous episode 8th July 1970
Next episode 15th July 1970


Elsie asks Len to come round as she needs to speak to him. He does so and she tells him about the marriage proposal and asks him to sort Alan out. Emily tells Ray that a £30 camera is missing from the Camera Shop. He asks for a couple of hours to sort the matter out himself before she rings the police. The residents gossip about Elsie and Alan. Alan asks Ena for help and she tells him how much he hurt Elsie - he's the latest in a long line of let-downs she's suffered. Len warns Alan off Elsie, telling him to leave her alone before he gets lent on. Minnie lets slip about the marriage proposal. Ray can't find Frank Bradley and Judd Johnson and he also owes Len for missing tools. The two turn up in the Rovers with an excuse of having broken down. Ena calls on Elsie and advises her to take Alan on rather than spend the future alone. Frank and Judd refuse to admit they took the camera. Ray sees that they're flush with money but they claim they've had a win at the dogs. Alan decides to leave the area. Elsie has a heart to heart with Val and tells her that she's kidding herself and that she wants Alan more than she's ever wanted anyone.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Elsie Tanner: "Ena Sharples has got enough flamin' tongue for two sets of teeth."

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