Rupert bites Elsie and is returned to Lenny Phillips. Annie wants Concepta back behind the bar permanently. With the shop losing money, Swindley starts a credit scheme with the slogan "credit with respectability". Ken doesn't go into work but hides his fact from Frank. Dennis offers to pay for the damages at the Rovers. Jack tells him not to bother though when Dennis lifts the bar flap and smashes yet more glasses, the Walkers bill him half a crown for each one. Christine thinks Swindley is on a hiding to nothing. Ken admits to Esther that he's packed in his job and plans to tell Frank tonight. He's prepared to take any job to tide him over until teaching vacancies open next term. Annie thinks about having a call box in the bar after the modernisation as she's weary of Dennis and his ilk going through to the back to use their phone. Ken asks the Walkers for a temporary job at the Rovers. Jack doesn't think he'd fit in but Annie thinks he'd complement the new Rovers well. Swindley is alarmed when Emily orders 27 see-through nighties for the shop. Despite his misgivings, they prove popular. Ken asks Dennis for a job at the Orinoco. Jack tells Frank that they can't employ Ken, thereby revealing him that his son is jobless.


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