Ken asks Ray to put up some shelves for him. Elsie also asks for many changes she wants to their new house in Bramhall but is annoyed at sly remarks he makes about expecting payment from Alan. Minnie gets annoyed when Ena cancels a lunch appointment with her. Irma refuses to give Hilda credit at the Corner Shop and she storms out, insulted. Alan puts in an order at the shop and asks for it to be put on his account. Maggie is reluctant. The bank rings Ray to say that Alan's cheque has bounced. Ena gives Tony lessons in the Mission at lunchtime. Piggott makes enquiries through Emily if Annie will be letting the tenancy of the Rovers go. Ray tells Piggott that Alan’s cheque has bounced. Sandra tells a shocked Elsie that she's looking forward to moving to Bramhall.Annie puts up for the licence of the Rovers. Annie refuses Stan tick but agrees to give him a pint if he carries crates up from the cellar. Ena asks Ken to meet Tony for advice on helping him. Piggott makes enquiries from Maggie as to how much he spends at the shop but gets nowhere. Ena shows Ken Tony’s talent but he suddenly runs out of the Mission, saying that his mum won’t let him continue. Annie serves Alan off-licence drinks on his account. Piggott tries to interest Alan in a crooked deal on some lorries on the condition that he's paid in cash but Alan refuses. He lets slip that the auditors are in. Ray warns Elsie that the wolves are gathering round Alan.


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