Ena receives a favourable letter from the music college. Elsie is amazed when Alan still wants to buy the house in Bramhall and shocked at the range of his failing business interests. Emily snaps at Irma when she's unsympathetic about Alan's business problems. Annie is upset to hear that Dave Smith has been gossiping with Sir Frank Ridley about what he would do with the Rovers if he ever bought it. Alan tells his creditors that he's arranged a meeting in the Mechanics Hall in Tufbury Street. Len is at odds with Piggott and the others over their rapacious attitude towards Alan. Elsie and Alan row when she accuses him of using her for her money. Ena collects Tony Parsons from school and takes him to see Mr Telford at the college. Elsie loses her temper at Sandra. Maggie gives Elsie a sympathetic hearing and cheers her up. Tony's playing impresses Telford. Alan and Elsie are reconciled. Tony passes and Ena discovers there is a chance of a scholarship. They celebrate with Ken and Emily. Sandra is unimpressed with Elsie's apology. Alan's creditors gather in the Rovers prior to the meeting. Elsie wishes him luck as he sets off.


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Ena Sharples: "I'm a professional busybody and proud of it."

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