Episode 9
ITV release date 11th April 2011
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode Episode 8
Next episode Episode 10


It is the middle of the night and Ken is woken up by a sound he has heard before - a scrabbling noise in the loft. He wakens Deirdre who angrily assures him that it’s pigeons nesting there. She is about to put her head down when they hear a sudden cry (in reality, that of a fox) which brings them both wide awake and afraid there is someone in the loft. They also hear the flush of a toilet from the Rovers and Deirdre texts Liz asking her if she is on the loo, only to receive a reply telling her to mind her own business. Deirdre assures Ken that it’s pigeons and he resolves to check in the morning, though more scrabbling noises mean that he finds it difficult to nod off.



  • Deirdre mentions Jim McDonald’s bank raid which took place in the episodes shown on the same day that this instalment was released.

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