Eric gazette photographer
Occupation Photographer
First appearance 13th June 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andy Abrahams

Eric was a Weatherfield Gazette photographer who covered the story of Alec and Bet Gilroy's lock-down of the Rovers Return and battle against Newton & Ridley in June 1990.

Eric accompanied a reporter, who did most of the talking. His presence sent Bet scurrying upstairs to make herself glamorous for the photographs, although attractive barmaid Tina Fowler was a more than adequate muse in her absence (and even once she had surfaced). Glad of the attention, Tina obliged Eric by striking various poses at the bar, and asked for copies of the pictures. Eric agreed and took down her address, astonishing his colleague with his shamelessness.

With the interview over, Bet and Alec entered the fray for group shots, although Eric's idea for a picture of Bet and Tina at work was shot down by Bet on the basis that "the idea is we are not pulling pints".

The character was credited as "Photographer". He was named in dialogue.

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