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Eric Africa
Occupation Safari Guide
First appearance Coronation Street: Out of Africa (2008)
Played by John Lata

Eric was one of the guides when the contestants in the Sunshine Family of South Africa competition was run in that country in 2008. Cilla Battersby-Brown entered her "family", real and otherwise, in the hope of winning the $500,000 prize and part of the event was a two day safari in the bush.

Eric was both a driver and a marksman in case of attack and with his television cameraman colleague Rick enjoyed winding up obnoxious host Alfie Vlok who complained about the tent he had been allocated which only had a hole in the ground for a toilet. Eric claimed that his had a bidet installed!

Eric was on hand with his rifle to protect the party while they watched wildlife and when the Battersby-Browns got lost in the bush he told a panicking Alfie that he gave them an hour before they were killed. Luckily, the bumbling party made it back to camp safely.

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