Eric Turner
Children Gary Turner
First appearance 6th May 1974
Last appearance 8th May 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Clifford Cox

Eric Turner was the father of 17-year-old A-level student Gary Turner and brother-in-law of Community Centre caretaker Gertie Robson. In April 1974, just before leaving school, Gary was preparing to sit his exams after which he intended to take a course in catering management. However, his parents disapproved of his career choice and tried to push him towards professional football, as he had been playing in amateur teams since he was a boy. Eric was dismissive of Gary's interest in catering, branding it a hobby, and tried to stir up Gary's interest in football by corresponding with Bob Maskell, a talent scout for Rovers, a first division team. Maskell offered Gary a contract with the team, which Eric then passed onto Gary to sign, urging him to think about the difference it could make to his parents as well as himself. Having already decided to get a degree before choosing between catering and football, Gary turned down the offer.

Meeting with Bob again in the Rovers Return, Eric suggested that he offer Gertie something as Gary was close to her. Bob then saw Gary to offer the improved contract personally - 25% up on the previous offer plus the promise of rewarding Gertie financially for Gary to live with her. Gary ultimately turned down this offer also, choosing to follow his original plan of getting a degree first.

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