Erik Mikaelson
Erik Mikaelson
Occupation Motorbike racing driver
First appearance 18th February 1994
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gary Cady

Erik Mikaelson was a professional motorbike racer who appeared in a calendar shoot with Raquel Wolstenhulme in February 1994. Known as “The Flash”, Raquel knew nothing about him but a jealous Des Barnes commented that he was “fast” with an emphasis on the double meaning.

The blonde Scandinavian called at the Rovers later in the day to pick Raquel up and she assumed he was her taxi driver. Vicky Arden put her right. She, Bet Gilroy and Tanya Pooley all eyed up the racer as he confessed that he was uncomfortable with his modelling work and looked on with jealously as he and Raquel set off for their appointment.

There, they found that Raquel’s old cheating boyfriend Wayne Farrell was posing for the same calendar. Calling Raquel “Rachel”, Wayne made a dig to her and Erik noticed her unease. He came to her gentlemanly rescue by asking Wayne how he could go out with her and not remember her name and then added insult to injury by claiming not to remember a charity gig that he and Wayne did together asking how anyone could ever know who he was. Wayne skulked off.

Erik and Raquel got on famously on the shoot and he revealed that his nice guy persona wasn’t just a show with comments such as “I have a talent but that doesn’t make me a better person than anyone else.” Raquel noticed the disgraceful state of his nails from bike grease and she offered to give him tips to improve them. Erik asked Raquel to a party, much to the anger of Des who tried to get her to break the date but she refused, saying that in the modelling world you had to move in the right circles. Des persisted, apologising for his past treatment of her and his charm worked. Raquel broke off the date with Erik and didn’t see him again.

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