Ernie Sadler
Ernie Sadler
Occupation British Legion Steward
First appearance 15th June 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Randal Herley

Ernie Sadler was the Steward of the British Legion in Weatherfield. In June 1981, Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats went to a stag night at the Sports and Social Club and told Hilda that they were going to a snooker night at the Legion. When they rolled in at 3.00am, Hilda was suspicious and interrogated them at length the next day. Eddie bumped into Ernie in the Rovers and told him what to tell Hilda should she ask. Ernie was fine with the arrangement as half a dozen lads made the same request every week! When Stan and Hilda came into the pub, Ernie made a point of talking loudly to Stan about the snooker but made the mistake of asking after Stan's wife, the lovely "Freda". Stan hushed him up and corrected him quickly. Ernie admitted he was thinking of his own barmaid, Freda Woods, who he fancied. Unfortunately Hilda had overheard the conversation and grew suspicious that Stan had spent the night with Freda and set out to investigate...

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