Ernie sutton
Ernie Sutton
Occupation Lorry driver
Residence London
Children Monica Sutton
Jenny Sutton
First appearance 27th May 1968
Last appearance 25th July 1973
Number of appearances 4
Played by Leslie Dwyer

Ernie Sutton was the father of Monica and Jenny. Ernie's daughters and their siblings grew up in a family of nine at a fourth-floor flat near Battersea Power Station.

In May 1968 he arrived for the wedding of daughter Jenny when she married Dennis Tanner. Ernie didn't pay for the wedding as he'd already paid for Monica's wedding that month, favouring her over Jenny as she was marrying a bank manager.

Five years later, Dennis was sent to Pentonville Prison for conning old age pensioners after posing as a salesman and was given a two-year sentence. Ernie supported Jenny's decision to make a fresh start as she'd been blind to what Dennis had been up to and now wanted nothing to do with him. Dennis's mother Elsie came to visit Ernie in London after seeing Dennis and started to blame Jenny, believing she must have known about Dennis's dealings, but Ernie defended his daughter and blamed all of Dennis's bad deeds on Elsie, stating that she hadn't always been the best mother to him.

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