Eve wilson
Eve Wilson
Spouse(s) George Wilson
First appearance 5th November 2009
Last appearance 12th March 2010
Number of appearances 19
Played by Sabina Franklyn

Eve Wilson is the wife of George Wilson. In 2009, George and Eve met George's grandson Simon Barlow for the first time and started playing an active part in his life. Eve was supportive of George's efforts to ensure Simon was well looked after.

When Simon's alcoholic father Peter fell off the wagon after being sober for nearly a year in February 2010, the Wilsons looked after Simon at their house. Eve was shocked when Peter turned up at her door, demanding that she let Simon go home with him and refused to allow it.

The following month, George decided that Simon should remain in their care indefinitely as he didn't trust Peter to look after him properly. Eve was shocked at his refusal to even let him see Simon and when on a day trip to Blackpool with George and Simon, argued with her husband when he told her that he had been granted a temporary custody order for his grandson. Simon overheard this row and ran off, believing they were taking him away from his father. After an unsuccessful search for him, Eve phoned the police and Peter to let him know where they were, as they had come to Blackpool in secret. Fortunately Simon turned up the next day, and George, overcome with guilt, dropped his custody appeal.

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