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Fat lady
Fat Lady
First appearance 14th April 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Maureen Morland

The unnamed Fat Lady provided a strange but amusing interlude as Elsie Howard’s first customer when she began work at Sylvia's Separates in April 1976. The lady, five feet tall and as many wide, burst into the shop, desperate to use one of the changing cubicles as she was “losing my knickers”. She further explained that the elastic had gone while Elsie and junior assistant Kim Wilson tried to contain their laughter in the main body of the shop. When the crisis was sorted, she offered to buy something for the use of the cubicle but Kim told her there was no need. When the lady had gone, Elsie gently upbraided Kim and told her that she wouldn't have got out of Miami Modes without buying something.

The role is notable for being played by Maureen Morland, who under the name of Mo Morland became nationally known as “The Mighty Atom” as well as the lead singer and dancer in Les Dawson’s group “The Roly Poly’s”.

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