Father Maguire
Father Maguire
Occupation Clergyman
First appearance 27th October 2008
Last appearance 27th October 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Billy Boyle

Father Maguire conducted the service at St. Christopher's Church for the funeral of Liam Connor on 27th October, 2008. Liam's widow Maria asked if it would be permitted to take the couple's dog, Ozzy, into the church. The jovial yet compassionate Father told her that "if Jesus had an ox and an ass in the manger, I think we can manage a labrador".

The moving service got underway, however it wasn't long before Ozzy started whimpering and a grieving Carla Connor, unable to contain her emotions, left the church with friend, Leanne Battersby, going outside to console her. The rest of the service ran smoothly and the Father was invited with the other mourners to the wake, held back on Coronation Street at the Rovers Return.

Credited as "Priest", the character's full name was given in dialogue.

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