Feldman's Antiques

Feldman's Antiques was a shop in Nightingale Street where Jack Duckworth sold a glazed pot dog that had been left to Vera Duckworth by her father Joss Shackleton and which she found out was a valuable antique if its matching twin could be located. Jack sold the dog to raise money for a "dead-cert" on a horse race (which subsequently lost) and was given £25 for the item. Passing the shop later in the day, Vera saw the piece in the display window and delightedly bought it for £2 less than the £50 asking price, thinking she now had the pair which would be worth £140. It was only when she got home that she realised what her husband had been up to and, chasing him out of the house, threw the item at him, smashing to smithereens as it hit a brick wall and leaving the Duckworths even more out of pocket.

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