Female Examiner
Female Examiner
Occupation Driving test examiner
First appearance 20th December 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Elizabeth Hill

The Female Examiner took Roy Cropper on his driving test in December 2013. She was puzzled when Roy appeared to be humming tonal notes and he explained that it was a deep-breathing technique used to steady his nerves. She told him to try and relax and tried to boost his confidence by telling him that he couldn't possibly be worse that some of the candidates she'd previously tested.

During the test, she asked him to perform a three-point-turn and grew impatient at his delay, saying that the road was clear however he impressed her by pointing out that she'd failed to spot a cat crossing behind them. Later on, he started to stress when waiting for the signal for emergency stop and almost collapsed with relief when they returned to the test centre. He was duly failed for ineffective observation when reversing round a corner and driving over the speed limit.

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