The Female Youth and her two friends bothered Tina McIntyre on the Red Rec when she fled there after feeling pressurised from residents back on the street about her surrogacy motherhood arrangement on behalf of Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong.

Tina was drinking straight vodka from a bottle and the girl demanded a swig on pain of "a slap". She took on more than she could chew though with Tina who told her straight that she was just looking for an excuse to punch someone's lights out and to "do one". Abashed, the three left her alone and she set off for home.

Rita Tanner left a concerned message on Tina's mobile and Marcus Dent also saw the girl in the park. He alerted Rita to Tina's whereabouts and she went looking for her on the Red Rec where the youths set on her and started pushing her around, snatching at her bag and expensive scarf. Rita tried to get away from them but they surrounded her, "admiring" her watch and jewellery. When Dennis Tanner rang her, she yelled for help before the three cut off her call and took her mobile. They then grabbed her bag, pushed her to the floor and ran off with their loot. Tina, Dennis and Tommy Duckworth went to the park where they found Rita in a distressed state.