Finlay Bryant 2008
Finlay Bryant
Born 7th October 2000
Residence Spain
Father Gary Denmark
Mother Teresa Bryant
Sibling(s) Jodie Morton (half-sister)
Darryl Morton (half-brother)
Mel Morton (half-sister)
Kayleigh Morton (half-sister)
First appearance 6th April 2007
Last appearance 29th September 2008
Duration 2007-2008
Number of appearances 52
Played by Ramone Quinn

Finlay Bryant is the son of Teresa Bryant, who was conceived after her brief affair with a man named Gary Denmark. He is the half-brother of Jodie, Darryl, Mel and Kayleigh Morton. He later went to live with the father of his half-siblings Jerry Morton and in 2008 left to live with him and Kayleigh in Spain.


Background informationEdit

  • Finlay, along with the rest of the Morton family (except Darryl and Teresa) were axed in 2008 by Kim Crowther. He departed along with Jerry and Kayleigh in September that year.

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