Fire Fighter (Episode 7044)
Fire Fighter
Occupation Fireman
First appearance 30th March 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jason Ward

The unnamed Fire Fighter was one of the emergency workers who were deployed to Rosamund Street after a fire broke out at the Bookies flat in March 2009. Owner Peter Barlow had fallen into a drunken sleep and dropped a lit cigarette on the living room carpet where it smouldered before a large fire broke out.

Peter's five-year-old son Simon, who was woken up by the fumes initially raised the alarm to the fire brigade and to grandmother Deirdre. Panic ensued and before long, several residents of Coronation Street were stood outside whilst Tony Gordon and Luke Strong entered the burning building to rescue the occupants.

The Fire Fighter advised the onlookers to move back onto the pavement on the opposite side of Rosamund Street as the fire was so intense. Within a matter of seconds, the windows of the flat had exploded and while his colleagues went on to tackle the blaze, the Fire Fighter then assisted the paramedics in getting Peter and Simon into an awaiting ambulance.

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