The Fire Officer was involved in two incidents that took place on Coronation Street.

In March 2004 a fire broke out in an old stockroom at Underworld when Janice Battersby sneaked in there to smoke an illicit cigarette and dropped her stub onto a pile of clothing. With Mike Baldwin was on the golf course at the time, Nick Tilsley was in charge of the premises however he has distracted by his recent break-up from girlfriend Maria Sutherland and was talking through his problems with his mother when the conflagration began. The other girls had their radio turned up loud and were unable to hear Janice's screams. The automatic fire alarm being set off by the smoke was the first indication that something was wrong and the fire service was called. The premises were evacuated before the firemen arrived and a quick count established who was missing. Nick had returned and he impulsively returned to the burning building to rescue his ex-mother-in-law, managing to carry her outside but both inhaling smoke in the process.

At that point the fire appliance arrived and the Officer took charge, clearing a path for the paramedics who were close behind him. The two injured people were taken to Weatherfield General and the fire, which had spread to the main shop floor, was put out. When Mike returned the Officer told him that although it was obvious that the source of the fire was the stockroom, the cause would have to be established by the fire investigators who would be arriving the following day.

The character was credited as "Station Officer" on his first appearance and "Fire Officer" on his second.

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