1st Lorry Driver 2486
First Lorry Driver
First appearance 28th January 1985
Number of appearances 1
Played by Bill Lund

The unnamed First Lorry Driver led Martin Platt a merry dance when he began work at Jim's Cafe in January 1985. Martin brought him and his mate their orders and he asked the young lad to pass over his cigarettes and matches from an adjoining table. Martin did so, only to earn the ire of Jim, another driver, when he returned as they were his items. He didn't see the funny side of the joke and threatened Martin that he'd see to him if she shifted his fags again. Gail Tilsley knew the lads of old and told them to leave the youngster alone - working with them in the cafe had come as a shock to him after his previous job of feeding the animals in the zoo!

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