First stranger 1294
First Stranger
First appearance 11th June 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by Royston Tickner

The First Stranger called at The Kabin to collect his regular order of the Pig Producers' Monthly in June 1973, soon after the changeover from its prior incarnation as Biddulph's newsagent. The man exhibited a rabbit-in-headlights look throughout the transaction, and was so keen to rush out of the shop after paying that Rita Littlewood had to remind him about his 90p change. The man asked if there was a supplement and, after being told there wasn't, muttered under his breath that he was leaving and would be cancelling his order. The confusing exchange, along with several others that day, inspired Rita and Len Fairclough to check up on the Pig Producers' Monthly (a strange order, as there wasn't a piggery within five miles of The Kabin) and they discovered that it was a front for porn magazines.

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