Occupation Fashion Photographer
First appearance 21st October 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan French

Flash was a slightly camp fashion photographer who was in charge of a shoot for a new range of sexy underwear. Rosie Webster was the model for the line and, unable to get a Street Cars cab from a stroppy Eileen Grimshaw, got Jason Grimshaw to take her there instead - something he was more than willing to do when he heard exactly what was being shot. Bad news awaited Rosie at the shoot though when the booked male model failed to appear. Rosie, desperate for the money from the shoot to pay for a new handbag, persuaded a dubious Jason to stand in instead. He was unhappy about the task in hand until he realised that involved wrapping himself round a scantily-clad Rosie, after which he threw himself into the part with enthusiasm as Flash snapped away.

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