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Flat owner 2966
Flat Owner
Residence 46b, St. Mary's Place
First appearance 30th August 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Denise Armon

The Flat Owner bought 46b, St. Mary's Place from Mike Baldwin when he sold up and moved to No. 6 Quebec House, Weatherfield Quays, one of the new dockland flats in August 1989.

The flat's new owner was moving her things in when she had a doorstep encounter with a swathe of employees from Baldwin's Casuals who were looking for Mike to get an explanation for the factory's new owner, Maurice Jones, locking them out of the premises. Although a few of the girls, notably Vera Duckworth and Marge Butler, were not very courteous in their manners, the owner agreed to give them Mike's new address.

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