Occupation Warehouse worker
First appearance 24th April 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Brenda Elder

Flo was a Mark Brittain Warehouse checking room worker in 1972. Flo worked under Elsie Howard, alongside Ivy Tilsley, Edna Gee, Mary and Annabel.

Flo, Mary and Annabel were at the bottom of the pecking order in the checking room, and spent most of their time reacting to Ivy and Edna's latest dramas. When Ivy left her husband Jack after catching him entertaining his fancy piece Cheryl Crowther, Flo joked that Ivy had worn him out. Later that day, Flo initiated an argument with Ivy by insinuating that she was after Alan Howard. Edna then joined in, and ended up bearing the brunt of Ivy's anger when Ivy pushed her into a rail, knocking it over just as their boss John Fitzpatrick walked in.

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