Flora Smith
Flora Smith
Father John Smith
Mother Ellen Smith
Sibling(s) 1 boy
First appearance 14th October 1970
Last appearance 26th October 1970
Number of appearances 3
Played by Lynne Dunne

Flora Smith was the young daughter of John and Ellen Smith, part of a group of travelling gypsies who encamped on slum clearance ground near to Coronation Street for two weeks in October 1970, sharing their pleasant modern caravan with her parents and her five-year old brother.

Flora trailed after her mother as she went into the Rovers to try and get a jug of water. Annie Walker gave her a lecture about paying taxes but Billy gladly gave her the water and Lucille Hewitt gave Flora a packet of crisps and was told "God bless you" and was given a fortune that she’d be rich. When asked by Lucille what she would do if she was rich, the wide-eyed child replied that she’d live somewhere like the Rovers!

A dubious Ellen allowed Lucille to visit the encampment where she realised that Flora had few children's' books available to her. She took Ellen and Flora to visit Valerie Barlow who donated several of Peter and Susan's old volumes.

The gypsies' time in Weatherfield was coming to an end though as Annie had handed in a petition to the police demanding their eviction and, at the same time, violence had broken out between the menfolk when a pile of scrap from the Builder's Yard that fellow-traveller Reuben Ward had been going through went missing. Ray Langton brought in some heavies to get back the property back though he had no proof that it was in the encampment. A full scale fight was in progress which saw Lucille, Ellen and Flora cowering in terror in their caravan as an axe was put through the window. The police interceded and the gypsies were moved on. Lucille, furious at their actions and that of Annie, threw a brick through the windscreen of a police car and was arrested.

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