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Florence Crabtree
Spouse(s) Arnold Crabtree
Children Norman Crabtree
Archie Crabtree
Hilda Crabtree (1924)
Played by Unseen

Florence Crabtree was the wife of Arnold, mother of Norman, Archie and Hilda, and the maternal grandmother of Freda, Dudley, Sylvia and Tony Ogden.

The Crabtree family were never rich - Arnold's position of an embalmer made sure of that. The family spent their time moving from slum to slum, including Silk Street, Kitchener Street and the worst of all being Back Butler Street - but houseproud Florence made sure the fumigators never descended once upon her household. She and her husband Arnold died before Hilda and Stan moved into Coronation Street.

In March 1966, Stan sold a framed photograph of Florence to Jed Stone for his "Viaduct Bargain Boutique". Hilda, fuming with rage, stormed in and took the photograph back.

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