Florrie Smethurst was a worker at Baldwin's Casuals who was passionate and vociferous in her condemnation of fellow-colleague Henry Wakefield when it came to light that he had been a strike breaker in the foundry where he was previously employed. Florrie's son had also worked at the foundry and had stuck with the strike, despite the hardships it caused him and his wife. Florrie spoke out at the meeting which was called to insist that Mike Baldwin sack Henry and the vote was carried.

Mike was told to sack Henry or else though he stalled on the matter. Florrie pushed union rep Ida Clough to push for an ultimatum which she did, citing principles to Mike who pointed out that they had just bagged their biggest order for several years. When some of the staff sent him to Coventry, Henry saw the lie of the land and handed in his notice but Mike officially sacked him so that he would be able to claim the dole.