Fran Heath
Fran Heath
Children Maddie Heath
Ben Heath
First appearance 3rd February 2014
Last appearance 3rd February 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Suzanne Procter

Fran Heath was the mother of Maddie Heath. Seeing that Maddie who they had recently met in a soup kitchen was troubled, Sally and Sophie Webster followed her to her mother's flat where the woman greeted them with hostility and suspicion. Also present was Ben Heath, Maddie's young brother who had run away from his foster carers. Maddie was trying to persuade her mentally-fragile mother to hand him back to his carers when Sally and Sophie called, making the woman revert back to her disturbed state, convinced that the two women were either social workers or the police. Maddie told them to leave and they waited some time outside the flat while Maddie completed the task of getting her mother to hand her son back.

Authorities attempted to try and contact Fran regarding the death of her daughter in June 2015 however they were unable to find her.

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