Frank 1974
First appearance 7th January 1974
Last appearance 9th January 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by David Gilmore

Frank, along with his dining companion Zilla, was a customer at Mario's Restaurant in January 1974 on the same night that Jerry Booth took Mavis Riley there. As the menus almost entirely in Italian, Mavis and Jerry had trouble working out what some of the choices were and were struggling over the word "Pollo" until Frank and Zilla, frequent customers of the establishment, sat at a nearby table and she included the meal in her choice, causing Angelo, the waiter, to say that the chicken was very nice that night.

The shy Jerry and Mavis enjoyed their food but eat in silence as the confident and stylish Frank and Zilla chatted and laughed loudly over a story about a story about a mutual friend of theirs called Gerald. As they prepared to leave, they made plans to continue their evening at a place in Chester, causing Mavis to wonder why they were going so far so late in the night and if they were married. This caused Jerry to pluck up his courage and tell a shattered Mavis that he had once been married but was now divorced.

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