Occupation Lorry driver
First appearance 1st May 1974
Number of appearances 1
Played by Johnny Briggs

Frank was a Mark Brittain Warehouse lorry driver. In 1974, the lorries had to use the Coronation Street entrance to the warehouse due to the loading bay in Victoria Street being worked on. As a result, the residents faced restricted access to the Street and increased noise levels. When Frank and a fellow driver, Eddie, drank at the Rovers Return, they were interrogated by Annie Walker over the noise levels of the lorries during the night. As they worked on commission, Frank and his colleague were unapologetic for the disruption, with Frank telling Annie she out to live where he did; slap up against the M1. Annoyed with their indifference, Annie barred them until the lorries were silenced. The drivers decided to take their custom elsewhere.

Frank was played by Johnny Briggs, two years before his debut as Mike Baldwin.

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