Frank Haskins
Occupation Taxi controller at Weatherfield Cabs
First appearance 28th June 1991
Last appearance 26th October 1992
Number of appearances 8
Played by Bryn Ellis

Frank Haskins was a taxi controller at Weatherfield Cabs, where one of his colleagues was driver Don Brennan. In June 1991, Frank was in the office when Don came in to pick up a fare, Audrey Roberts, who asked for another driver due to a prior disagreement between her and Ivy. Five months later, Frank let Ivy wait in the office for Don when she sought him out to patch up their marriage. Don wasn't pleased to see his wife leading Frank to tell the couple not to mind him if they wanted to argue as he had more battle scars than a dog had fleas.

Frank was a good friend to Don, and when Don crashed his car in June 1992, resulting in the amputation of his lower right leg, Frank was a great support, arranging a whip-round among his colleagues and delivering the money to Don's wife Ivy.

In July, Don left hospital but refused to return home to Ivy, so Frank settled him into Wentworths Guest House. Frank thought Don's decision was inexplicable and wasted no time in putting frantic Ivy's mind at rest by telling her where Don was living.

Frank continued to socialise with Don, and in October, they visited a casino where they chatted up women, but Don did not enjoy the experience.

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