Frank Marsden
Frank Marsden
Occupation Crook
First appearance 2nd June 2003
Last appearance 4th June 2003
Number of appearances 3
Played by Martin Walsh

Frank Marsden was a crook involved in Joe Carter's plan to bankrupt Mike Baldwin and buy out the Underworld business from him. Joe set up a dummy company - Artrec - who were a supposed supplier of materials to Underworld. Mike would then pay invoices for the non-existent goods but in reality was paying large sums of money directly to Joe. These sums increased further when Joe's partner in crime, Karen McDonald, started forging Mike's signature on further cheques. As their crime was reaching its successful conclusion and only a few days were needed for the final forged cheque to clear through the bank, Mike caused a problem when a holiday in Ireland fell through and he declared his intention to instead carry out a long-delayed stock check in the factory.

After preventing Mike as long as they could from doing the check, Joe rang up associate and ex-con Frank who then carried out several actions on Joe's instructions: he rang Mike, impersonating a police officer, and told him that the burglar alarm was ringing on his flat; he then came to the factory as Mike was leaving, impersonating a delivery driver from Artrec. Joe persuaded Mike not to return to the factory that day and, with Frank's assistance again, staged a theft from the factory during the night, making it appear as if Artrec's non-existent supplies were among the stock that was taken.

Mike was suspicious that the robbery was an inside job and started to investigate Artrec. Joe alerted Frank who posed as a security guard on an empty warehouse, supposedly the company's last known trading address, when Mike and Joe visited there. Frank told them that there used to be a textile company there, headed by someone whose description (pre-supplied by Joe) tallied with that of Naveen Alahan. Joe and Naveen had crossed swords previously and Joe was content to set up his business rival for the theft.

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