Frank Pritchard was interviewed by Annie Walker for the role of the Rovers' cellarman when she faced the prospect of losing Fred Gee after his marriage to Eunice Nuttall and them moving on to their own Newton & Ridley pub.

Frank had been a widower for almost exactly nine years and his daughter lived in Maidstone where she was expecting her first child three months hence. Annie enquired about his driving licence and whether it was clean, making sure that he didn't have a drink-driving record. He told her that despite working in the licensed trade for many years, he didn't actually like drink, nor smoking. Annie was very taken with the man's professionalism and he was promised the job. What Annie didn't know at that point was that the brewery had rejected the Gees for a pub. When she investigated she found out that it was due to Eunice previously being sacked for stealing from the Foundryman's Arms.

When Frank rang the Rovers a couple of weeks later, Fred himself answered the phone and told him circumstances had changed and he should look elsewhere.