Frank roper
Frank Roper
Occupation GPO Supervisor
First appearance 2nd May 1979
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Shane

Frank Roper was GPO Supervisor and Alf Roberts's boss. In May 1979, Frank went to see Alf at the Corner Shop to check on him as Alf was off sick recovering from a skull fracture sustained two months earlier, when a lorry overturned and its timber load crashed through the Rovers outer wall while Alf was drinking at the establishment. Alf wasn't worried about Frank's visit but didn't like it when Frank started making friendly jibes about all the time he was taking off, claiming that he himself felt worse than Alf looked. When Frank assured Alf, with a nudge and wink, that he'd tell everyone at the office that he was still sick, Alf lost it and told Frank a few home truths, angrily telling him he was the biggest skiver in the building and hadn't done an honest day's work in his life. Both Alf's wife Renee and Elsie Tanner were stunned at the outburst, but Frank didn't seem offended, saying there was no harm done.

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