Businessman Frank Taylor was a former client of Leanne Battersby when she embarked on escorting work in 2007.

When Leanne and Carla Connor went out for drinks to celebrate signing the contract for their new business venture - Italian restaurant Valandro's, Frank recognised Leanne (who at the time was using the alias of "Rachel"). Seizing the opportunity to speak to Carla alone, Frank told her that he knew her friend Rachel and asked if Carla was "working" that evening. Frank gave a confused Carla his business card and asked if she worked for the same agency.

As Leanne returned to the bar, Carla told her that the man sat behind them had recognised her. Seeing Frank, an unnerved Leanne denied all knowledge of knowing Frank and told Carla that she wanted to go back home and get an early night. Carla had figured out that Leanne had secretly been doing escorting work at the same time as she was dating Carla's brother-in-law, Liam Connor.

Intent on teaching them both a lesson, Carla told Leanne that she had arranged for them to meet with a financial advisor friend of hers later that evening in the Rovers, and surreptitiously rang Frank asking him if he would be free for a drink. Leanne and Liam arrived at the pub that evening, and she was horrified to see Carla and Frank sat together - realising that Carla had set her up. When Frank also saw that he'd been made a fool of he quickly made his excuses and left the pub.